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New Features Coming In 2024

  • Mobile app to photograph and upload bills
  • Zelle payments
  • QuickBooks integration
  • email inbox for receiving bills
  • Customized reports
  • Improved customer service
  • Unlimited bill payment history
  • View report of your bill payment by payee, expense category, date or amount.

Make life easier

All your bills in one place.

Easy to navigate portal receives and stores all your bills

  • Keep countertops and work spaces free of paper bills – Paytrust receives bills for you.
  • Your bills are scanned, so you can view them online.
  • Electronic bills are displayed in your account.
  • Pay with one click.
  • No need for checks, stamps, or envelopes to mail.

Enjoy maximum control & flexibility.

Tell us who, when, and how much

  • Pay Anyone, Anytime. From AAA to Zappos.
  • Paytrust will pay your bills electronically or by check.
  • Pay your bills manually or automatically, in full or the minimum amount due, or create a custom payment amount.
  • Set customized autopay rules such as ‘Pay full balance only if less than $200. If more than $200, pay zero and send me an email notification.’
  • Pay bills with up to 10 different accounts from any bank.

Never file or keep a bill again.

All your bills are saved and organized online

  • No need to worry about filing bills or shredding ever again.
  • Paytrust provides you with bill and payment details in customizable reports.
  • Track your bills from anywhere.
  • Get access to all bill details in one place.
  • Attach comments to any bill payment for future reference.

Avoid costly late fees.

Paytrust does the remembering for you

  • Pay on-time, avoid late fees, and keep a healthy credit score.
  • Automatic Reminders keep you up-to-date on all newly received bills.
  • Alerts notify you of impending due dates.
  • Alerts you if a bill has not been received.

One stop. Multiple benefits.

The only site you need for all your bills

  • Eliminate confusion by using one secure username and password to view all your bills. No need to keep up with ever-changing log ins for multiple billers.
  • Paytrust is the complete solution to online bank billpay by consolidating paper and electronic bills together in the same spot and using bank accounts from multiple banks.
  • The Paytrust Virtual Mailbox receives your paper bills, scans them, and uploads them into your Payee accounts for you to manage.

Safe & secure.

Your security is our top priority

  • Paytrust is a secure site and uses industry recognized security safeguards.
  • All information sent to and from the Paytrust Bill Center is encrypted and sent through a secure Internet connection. Privacy Policy
  • Only you can authorize payments from your Paytrust account.

Paytrust Online Bill Pay Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing will change for the Virtual Mailbox service. Paytrust will continue to receive, process, and present your mail in your digital mailbox, forwarding physical copies when requested. The address for users’ bills sent to the virtual mailbox will remain the same as of January 1, 2024, and users can receive unlimited amounts of mail.

Paytrust is the easy way to receive, pay and track all your bills online. Paytrust completely eliminates the paperwork of paying bills by receiving your mailed bills for you. Paper bills are sent to a Paytrust Processing Center and scanned for posting to your account. Electronic bills arrive directly to your account. You can then view all your bills in Paytrust, and pay with one click.

Paytrust is a complete online solution for bill delivery, payment and management. It works with any bank and any payee you may have. With Paytrust, you can pay from up to 10 different banks accounts. While many banks offer the ability to issue payments online, you’re still required to track and manage all of the paper bills that come to your house. By receiving your bills and managing the process online, Paytrust truly removes the burden of handling monthly bill payments. And Paytrust allows you to make payments to anyone-even someone who doesn’t normally send you a bill. So you can have fewer headaches, fewer worries and a lot more free time.

You can use Paytrust to pay anyone with a U.S. mailing address. To issue a payment from the Paytrust Bill Center, you will need to set up a Payee Profile. Most payees are Business Payees, and many of them can be found in our Common Payees database. Some payees may be a little more unique, such as a neighborhood lawn service or a friend you wish to give a gift check. You can enter complete contact information into a Personal Payee Profile, and we can issue payment to anyone you want. Please note: certain payments, such as tax payments to the IRS are discouraged, but may be scheduled at your own risk.

Yes, you can pay your bills from multiple bank accounts. You can use up to 10 different accounts at different banks.

No. Paytrust works with any bank.

Paytrust works with your current bank and does not require online banking.

Yes, Paytrust provides both summary and detail information for your bills. You can view or print a full image of the bill at any time.

Paytrust will issue a paper check if your payee cannot accept electronic payments.

If you experience difficulty with the service, or if you have questions about your account, call 1-800-825-1924 to contact us. Our staff of trained support representatives is available to assist you Monday through Friday 8AM ET to 10PM ET except for holidays. In the Bill Center, Paytrust also features rich, context-sensitive online help that can answer most typical questions.

Electronic bills are posted immediately to your account. Paper bills are scanned and posted to your account within 24 hours of receipt.

Paytrust uses e-mail to let you know the status of your bills. For every payee you establish, you can control how many e-mail notifications you would like to receive and when you would like to receive them. You can also check Paytrust at any time to verify the status of your bills.

Only you can authorize payments. You have complete control over whom you are issuing a payment to, the exact payment amount, when the payment should be sent or whether to pay the bill at all. If you have a flat fee or regularly occurring bill that you would like to have paid each month, Paytrust can be instructed to do it for you automatically. Please note: Your Paytrust service fee will be automatically debited from your default payment account each month.

Paytrust will send you an e-mail notification that a bill is overdue. Bills are never paid unless you authorize them. If you choose not to pay a bill, or pay by some other means, you can file the bill without issuing a payment.

Upon enrollment, you will be assigned a unique box number at Paytrust’s state-of-the-art mail processing center in Sioux Falls, SD. For bills you have redirected to the Bill Center, this will be your billing address. Some merchants ask for a billing address to confirm credit card purchases made by telephone or over the Internet. In addition, your payees may reference this address when verifying your account or identity with them.

Tax payments and court-ordered payments are discouraged and made at your own risk and with no guarantee. Payments to payees outside of the United States are not allowed through this service.

Your original paper bill is stored for 30 days from the day of receipt, after which it is shredded for security purposes and recycled. Paper bills received from your payees are converted into electronic form within 24-48 hours from when they are received at the Paytrust Processing Center.

Bill summary and transactional information is available for 24 months online. Bill images are maintained online for 24 months from the date the bill is posted online. After 24 months, your bill images are deleted from the system.

Each year in January, Paytrust offers you the option to purchase a personalized end-of-year CD which contains all of your previous calendar year’s bill history information. On the CD you can access all of your bill images from the previous year, and all of your summary information. This CD is an optional benefit, which we provide at an additional cost.

Any non-bill notices, such as a rate change, will be scanned and delivered through the Bill Center. Account-related items sent to Paytrust, such as a calling card, are immediately forwarded to your home mailing address. All other items received, such as merchandise ordered online, cannot be accepted and will be returned to sender. Please be sure to indicate your home as the shipping address when ordering items online, through catalogs, etc.

No. You decide and approve the amount of payment for every bill.

Only you can authorize a payment from Paytrust—you tell us who, when and how much to pay. Payments are issued from your funding account to your Grasshopper deposit account and then sent electronically or via paper checks, depending on the payee’s capabilities. Both electronic payments and paper checks always include remittance information, ensuring that your payee can accurately record that a payment has been received for your account.

You can choose to stop a payment up until 12 midnight EST on the night prior to the day you have designated for your payment to be sent. For example, if you have designated that your payment should be sent out on the 10th, you can stop the payment up until midnight EST on the 9th. You cannot stop a payment on the designated day a payment is to be sent.

Payments are issued electronically or via paper checks, depending on the payee’s capabilities. Paytrust recommends that you plan to allow for 5 working days for paper checks to reach your payees. We recommend that you allow at least 4 business days for electronic payments to reach your payees. Both electronic payments and paper checks always include remittance information, ensuring that your payee can accurately record that the payment has been made for your account.

You will receive a Payment Confirmation e-mail or receive an alert in the Paytrust web application on the day that your payment is sent.

If the payee is being paid via paper check, the amount is deducted from your funding account on the scheduled payment date and if the payee does not cash the check in 90 days, it will be refunded back to the funding account it was issued from.

The monthly subscription fee of $19.99 will be deducted from your primary funding account into your Grasshopper account on the 10th of every month. In accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Paytrust service agreement, additional activity related fees for the prior month will also be deducted on the 10th of every month.

If you have insufficient funds in your funding account for any payments you authorize, payment will not be made and a late fee will be assessed per the Paytrust service agreemet.

Paytrust works with any bank account that has ACH capabilities.

Yes, it’s easy to print a copy of any of your bills in Paytrust. Just access the Bill Detail page for the bill you want a copy of and click the “Print” link.

Yes, you can have a joint account with Paytrust. Paytrust even lets you pay bills from multiple bank accounts, if you would like. For joint accounts, each subscriber must have check-writing privileges.

Yes, Paytrust will allow you to export to Microsoft Excel CSV format.

No. You can use Paytrust to pay your credit card with a check, but cannot use your credit card to pay other bills through Paytrust at this time.

Yes. You can pay multiple bills simultaneously from your Inbox. You can also pay any of your established payees by using the Make a Payment to Any Payee option.

Your original paper bill is stored for 30 days from the day of receipt, after which it is shredded for security purposes and recycled. Paper bills received from your payees are converted into electronic form within 24-48 hours from when they are received at the Paytrust Processing Center. Bill summary and transaction information is available indefinitely online.

An E-Bill™ is an electronic version of your bill that we retrieve directly from your payee’s Web site and display for you online in the Paytrust Bill Center.

Scanned Bills are Paper bills which are sent to our processing center where they are scanned and displayed for you online in the Paytrust Bill Center.

An E-Bill is an electronic version of your bill that we retrieve directly from your payee’s Web site and display for you online in Paytrust. There are 3 types of E-Bills:

  • E-Bills™ which are generated by the payee and sent to us. These E-Bills™ are considered transactions.
  • E-Bills™ which require login information that you have established at a payee’s website. These bills do not count as transactions.
  • Your member bill. This does not count as a transaction.

When adding or editing an E-Bill-enabled payee to your Paytrust account, you will be prompted to enter your login information for that payee’s Web site—exactly as you would if you were accessing your account at their Web site. If you are not yet registered for online access to your account through the payee’s Web site, please take a moment to do so before continuing with the E-Bill setup process. Note that you should enter your User ID and Password (or other requested information) for the payee’s Web site—not your Paytrust User ID and Password.

SilverBills maintains the highest levels of digital security and data protection. All clients and employees use two factor authentication to access sensitive data. The company has created and enforces strict polices around data compartmentalization and segregation in addition to our cutting edge encryption protocols in the Azure Cloud. SilverBill’s robust security framework has been validated by certifications for both SOC2 and HIPAA compliance.

Enabling Paytrust to securely retrieve E-Bills from your payee’s Web site eliminates the need to change your address on file with that payee and redirect your paper bill to the Paytrust Processing Center.

Some payees may continue to send a paper bill to your home even after you begin receiving the bill online. Some payees may offer the option of “turning off” the paper bill – either by indicating such a preference on their Web site, or by contacting their Customer Service department via phone or e-mail. If a duplicate paper bill is received at the Paytrust Processing Center, it will be scanned and presented to you as a notice (rather than a bill).

The fact that a payee is enabled for the presentation of E-Bills™ is not necessarily an indication that they can accept payments via electronic funds transfer (EFT). E-Bill presentation and EFT payment are distinctly separate technology initiatives. Depending on the particular payee’s capabilities, payments are issued either electronically or via paper check.

Call us at 1-800-825-1924 or email us at After your identity has been verified, a Client Services Representative will provide you with your ID.

See the Forgot your password section of the sign-in page. For security purposes, you will be asked a series of questions to verify your identity. Once your identity has been verified, a temporary password will be sent to the primary email account on file. This password is only good for one use and must be changed once you enter the Bill Center. If you experience any difficulties using the online help, contact us at 1-800-825-1924 or After your identity has been verified, your password can be reset to allow you access to your account.

Paytrust logs and tracks every bill that comes into the Paytrust Bill Center to assure it is delivered to your account. As an added level of service, Paytrust can detect if a regularly occurring bill has not been received when it was expected, and will send an automatic notification to alert you that it has not arrived.

If you have an issue with a specific charge on a bill, you will need to contact your payee directly, just as you do today. You can pay whatever amount you like while you are disputing a specific item or charge, or even decide whether to pay the bill at all.

If you experience difficulty using our service, or have a question about your account, contact us at 1-800-825-1924 or Our highly-trained team of Client Services Representatives is available to assist you M-F 8am-10pm EST, except major US holidays.

Paytrust issues payments exactly on the date that you specify. It is important to realize that not all payees accept electronic payments. In such cases, Paytrust will issue a paper check and therefore you should select a payment date that is at least a week before a bill due date. This will allow a paper check issued by Paytrust on your behalf to arrive at your payee on time. For payees who accept Electronic Funds Transfers, you should schedule the payment four business days in advance of the due date. However, you should be sure that your checking account is funded on the day you issue payment, as some EFT payments are posted to your payee’s account on the same day.

To change your e-mail address, log in to your account and update your Personal Profile.

Some merchants (particularly online merchants) ask for a billing address to confirm a credit card payment. The Paytrust Box associated with the Paytrust Processing Center is your valid billing address if you have redirected that particular credit card bill to Paytrust.

Please call Paytrust toll-free at 1-800-825-1924. A representative will assist you.

If we have not answered your question or you would like more assistance, please call 1-800-825-1924, or email us at We are available Monday-Friday, 8a-10p EST (except major US holidays).